I got an junk email the other day from someone trying to convince me that there must be a god, since DNA is too complex to have ‘happened by accident’, and is irrefutable evidence of ‘intelligent design’ (oh yeah, and as Carlin put it “He needs money!”). My first thought was a reasoned response pointing out things like “that’s not how evolution works”, “evolution and religion *could* both be right to some extent”, etc., but after carefully considering the source, I crafted the perfect response. I didn’t send it, but I crafted it!

“Your message was a real eye-opener. Your logic was so insightful, I decided to use it myself in my response to you. The sheer improbability of someone as obviously clueless about how the universe around you works as you are thinking you could convince me of your crazy-ass fundamentalist beliefs by means of such an ‘incredibly effective’ tool of persuasion as a mass junk-email is undeniable proof that there is, in fact, a consciousness of some kind that must have created you on purpose.”

“Further, that being either has a sick and rather ironic sense of humor, or is an utter idiot. ”