Welcome to Ameriduh

I thought it was just an internet meme. I really did. Like everyone else, I just laughed when I saw all those pictures of obviously redneck folks protesting immigrants, or foreign languages in schools, or just Mexicans in general, apparently unaware that they had massive spelling and grammatical errors in their signs. I laughed because it was ironic, and a rare example of why stupidity and ignorance are so toxic.

Now I’m not laughing. Twice in the last week, I’ve seen anti-immigrant bumper stickers that were misspelled in real life. Not on trucks with gun-racks, but on ‘normal’ cars driven by ‘normal’ people. And I realized that we’ve already lost the war to drag America into a better day. We are living in the real-world downward spiral depicted in the movie “Idiocracy”. The end is nigh!

Whatever your political beliefs, if America is at the point where a well-dressed man driving an $80,000 BMW is willing to festoon his bumper with a sticker reading “Dont speak english? Dont live here!”, there is no hope.