So things are finally back to normal! Sorta.

Our dog Moose is mostly over the self-inflicted injuries he got trying to escape the kennel while we were on our mini-moon. The doofus decided he could jump over a 6.5 foot gate, and succeeded only in slicing up his front paws. We still have another week of antibiotics to give him, but the wounds seem healthily repaired.

We’re back to dancing again, and the general grind of day-to-day seems to have resumed. Other than the fact that our house still looks a little like a Mayan king dumped his temple into it, all’s back to normal.

We keep asking each other “Do you feel any different?” So far, the answer’s been “nope.” But last night something stood out. For the very first time, I found myself in a situation where I had to introduce “My wife Sabrina”. THAT was a startling moment! We both kind of blinked at each other for a few seconds, as it sank in…