Baby Shower(s)

So, if we thought the house looked like a shipping department before, we are now vindicated!

We held a baby shower in the Mezzaluna room of the Franklin Inn. Our friend Karen stood in as surrogate Mom for the day, as I’m a little too butch to fill the role. There were games, gifts, and food and drink, and all reports indicate a great time was had by all. All except Daddy, of course, who did all the pre, post, and concurrent schlepping for the event. At least I got fed!

We didn’t invite most of our team from RPI, as it didn’t seem fair to push a bunch of college kids (especially the younger ones) to give us stuff they can’t afford, but the girls on the team who *were* invited subsequently orchestrated *another* shower, just for the team. So there were *more* games, gifts, and food and drink! Less schlepping, though. (Yay!)

So now, we apparently own every baby thing there has ever been, and they are all crammed in our house.