Hey all, so with the birth happening in -2 to +7 days, lots of folks want the info as it happens! Since there are *SO* many interested , and I’m *SO* bad at remembering things I have to do, and I *really* don’t want to leave anyone out unintentionally (I suspect the road to hell is actually paved with UN-intentions), I am making this pledge:

We have an alert list of family who will get text messages. They are not all of the family, just points of contact for their local family units. We have an alert list of a small number of friends who will also get text messages, also as points of contact.

On top of these lists, I am committing to keep our family web page (linked below) as updated as practicable with all developments. This way, everyone can be as hooked up as they like, without potentially getting dozens of messages/facebook posts/emails, most of which they probably don’t care about!