“Political Religionists”

I first saw this term in this Ben Swann articleProblem With Libertarians on the internal divisions among those on the “liberty-leaning”/”libertarian” side of the political spectrum. It’s gratifying to see folks start recognizing something I’ve been talking about for years, specifically that ideological dogmatism of any kind, be it religious, political, or cultural, is *always* counterproductive, no matter what you believe.

Always beware people for whom “I believe” is the same as “It is not questionable”. They are always the ones who will end up burning people at the stake, figuratively and even literally! Aside from selfishness (which is also often tied up with this psychologically/politically/etc.), this is the single largest reason for the horrible things that happen in human civilization.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about how the universe was created, which subculture is ‘the douchiest’, or whether you’re a ‘pure’ communist/republican/democrat/libertarian/green/whatever; the very idea that any human will ever be completely correct about anything is laughable. We’ll never live in a peaceful world until we learn to accept each others’ positions as valid, even if we violently believe them incorrect.