Meet Your New Best Friend, the Pediatrician

DoctorIt would seem that having a newborn baby mostly means talking about medical issues. You generally decide you don’t have any to deal with, but you still talk about them every time something changes.

Well, yesterday, the constant talks about medical things got a hit! Turns out, Dashiell has “thrush”, which seems to be a fungal infection of the mouth that mostly does nothing but make babies cranky, and their mouths white and patchy. So off to the doctor we went, for the third time in our son’s life.

Yay! Yet another prescription! In the 18 days he’s been alive, and not counting the time we spent in the birthing center, our son has been to the doctor more times than I have in the last year, and I have a stack of medical problems literally longer than your arm (I literally mean ‘literally’, in the literal sense. My medical history outgrew my doctor’s first file folder, so now there are two… I’m a dancer!).

The irony of all this? The medical folks tell us Dashiell is in PERFECT health! He’s gaining an ounce a day, and stronger and more alert than babies are supposed to be for another month.

I think we’re gonna be buying the pediatrician a new car…