How To Dress Your Baby For An Event

  1. Find a baby outfit you like.
  2. Undress baby.
  3. Wait for ears to stop ringing from undressing process.
  4. Change diaper.
  5. Clean pee and poo off changing table and nearby wall.
  6. Find a new outfit for yourself, the old one being soaked in various effluvia.
  7. Feed baby, since process has taken so long he’s due again and squalling.
  8. Burp baby.
  9. Dress baby in desired outfit.
  10. Remove desired outfit, now covered in baby vomit, and place in hamper.
  11. Argue for twenty minutes over which new outfit to dress baby in.
  12. Dress baby in new outfit.
  13. Undress baby and change diaper.
  14. Find new package of wipes.
  15. Place new outfit in hamper. This one was a blow-out!
  16. Dress baby in whatever footie sleeper is on top.
  17. Just go.
  18. Realize no one cares what your baby is wearing, because he’s so damned cute!

And on that note, here’s your gratuitous baby-pic posting of my amazing, beautiful boy, who’s changed so much in the first two months, I despair of remembering what he looked like without all these pictures!

At 2 Days:
Dash At 2 Days

At 1 Week:
Dash At 1 Week

At 1 Month:
Dash At 1 Month

At 7 Weeks:
Dash At 7 Weeks

At 8 Weeks:
Dash At 8 Weeks