On My Foul Language And Low-Quality Posts

trollI would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of my commenters for their kind and helpful input on my posting habits. Surely, I would have no idea how my offhand political jokes and adult language were clogging up your infospace if you didn’t take the time to stop by and tell me! This is especially true for the many of you who you went out of your way to use a social media service to befriend me unsolicited. You, in particular, obviously shouldn’t have to put up with my shit!

Clearly, you have no control over what you read or your own emotional responses to it, and it’s my responsibility to censor my own sense of humor and/or learn not to use adult words and concepts in any public forum. Especially, I should never distribute an amusing meme unless I have vetted every bit of text in it to ensure that it makes no use of the intolerable sins of hyperbole or colorful epithets to drive it’s point home. I mean, we wouldn’t want adults speaking like adults, or expressing themselves casually in a way that suits their mood or meaning, now would we? That way lies crazy-talk like ‘free expression’ and ‘creativity’!

I would have to be mad to even suggest that you just ignore my comments or links, or better yet, filter your own incoming content on services like Reddit and Facebook, or even *gasp* NOT visit one of my blogs or posted links! What kind of a selfish, egotistical bastard would I have to be to expect others to ignore me or remove themselves from my presence, rather than actualize their deep entitlement to offense and post righteously indignant comments to my personal spaces on the internet?

I’d have to be some kind of MONSTER, right?

Or maybe you could, you know, just keep your shit together and stop reading stuff (or authors) you don’t like…