Four Months of Baby: A Status Report!

Last week, our son Dashiell hit four months old. He’s made amazing progress, and we’re so happy! Today was his four-month medical checkup, plus continuing vaccinations.

4Month_01We came home with a clean bill of health, and great progress. At 25.25 inches and 14.5 pounds, Dash has come from the bottom third percentile to the 25th in weight and the 50th in height. He’s caught up, if a little skinny, and healthy as a horse. We’ve made it past the most likely time for virtually every serious developmental problem to have shown up, and have no signs of any. He’s twice as strong as average, and “highly engaged”, which is apparently a good thing!

4Month_02The vaccinations went without incident (and just a moment of screaming), or so we thought. About three hours later, while Dash was happily playing with a toy, he suddenly stopped what he was doing, and out of the blue started screaming like he was on fire. He wanted no food, was clean, and at an appropriate temperature, so we knew he was probably in some kind of pain. After an hour of desolate wailing, we managed to get some kiddie Tylenol into him, and 20 minutes later, all was well with the world.

Ain’t he cute?