Troy, New York. The Stupidest School District On Earth

shcoolMy wife Sabrina is dedicated to her work. Despite numerous instances of mistreatment (lied to about job status and pay, tricked into giving up a job by an unscrupulous HR person with an axe to grind, nickle-and-dimed out of weeks of pay after the birth of our child, etc.), she really wants to teach in our district! She loves these kids, and they love her. She’s been taking teacher-assistant and long term subbing jobs in our district for SEVEN years, applying for every opportunity that came along.

Today, we found out that she’d been turned down for another position, but this time was different. You see, last Fall, a teacher in the district took a leave. Sabrina, being probably the most educated and experienced substitute teacher in existence, was asked to fill the position as a long term sub for the remainder of the year. Eager to do her thing, my wife jumped at the chance, and spent countless unnecessary extra hours reworking curricula and connecting with this new group of students. She got them excited about their work, and they loved her to the point that they threw her their own baby shower, and even actually took up a petition to keep her instead of getting their regular teacher back.

When the term ended, it was discovered that their regular teacher would not be coming back, and that another teacher in the English department was retiring, so there were two permanent openings. Of course Sabrina applied, because she was already doing the job, and clearly doing an amazing job at it. Her fellow teachers asked why they were even bothering to put her through the interview process.

Well, today, after weeks of foot-dragging, and with only weeks to the beginning of the new school year, they finally told her that both jobs, including the one she’d already been doing amazingly well for seven months, had been given to someone else.

I’m sick at heart, and disgusted. The people in charge of educating our children are clearly incompetent, and I have no hope left. At this point, I would not send my child to the Troy public schools if you PAID me to do it. So even more of my tax money will go to waste, squandered by mental defects who have no business saying they are educators. If you are listening, Troy Board Of Education (I know you aren’t, as you seem quite incompetent yourselves), crap like THIS is why everyone is clamoring to get their child into a charter or private school, not because you need to get your after-school sports program a little stronger! I’m surprised you aren’t teaching creationism in your science classes…

I currently have zero faith in humanity, and will be exceedingly grumpy for the foreseeable future. Also, I’m considering putting the house up for sale. Any takers? If you have no kids that need an actual education, I highly recommend Troy!