Get Your Mastodon Newsfeed Started

If you just created a Mastodon account, and haven’t followed anyone yet, you’ll find your home timeline a little sparse. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just download a list of vetted follows that would give you lots of basic content, so you can see a bit of what’s out there on the fediverse?

I thought so too, so I did some digging and built some basic lists that let you do exactly that!

Follow News & Culture

Follow Makers

Follow Blaise

You can download these files to your local machine, then use the following procedure to import them into your Mastodon account:

1) Select either “Preferences” or “Edit Profile” – They both go to the same place:

2) Select “Import and Export”, then select “Import”:

3) Make sure “Following List” is selected in the import type field, then click “Browse” and find the downloaded follows file you want to import:

4) With the file selected, just click “Download”, and you’re done!

All of the suggested profiles from the file will now be in your personal “follows” list, and your personal timeline should immediately begin filling up with posts from the people and organizations on the list.

Good luck, and happy hunting!