Inconstant Gardener

So here’s an interesting tidbit for all you yard-tenders out there. Turns out that Yucatan Red Cedar wood mulch doesn’t just smell good and look nice, it also permanently stains your skin a lovely brick red, after an hour or two’s exposure.

Also, I must have gotten the ‘special’ deal, because one of my bags came with a lovely colony of little friends. They’re about 1/4″ across, most of which seems to be a heavy, dark grey armor, and seem to be of the arachnid persuasion, but I’ve never seen anything like them before. These things look like little crabs, and wave some nasty looking pincer-like mouth-parts at me when I go near them.

I think I’ll just leave the front garden to them for the rest of the summer. They don’t seem inclined to share, and they can’t possibly do a worse job of tending it than I have…