The Blow-by-Blow

OK, so here’s how it went.  On Saturday, October 31st, 2009, we had our wedding, and nobody got hurt!

Sabrina and the bridesmaids spent the entire day until 3 PM on primp-patrol, while Blaise and self-appointed godsend Angela took care of incidentals like taking dogs to the kennel, Printing various signs and cards, and generally not going insane.

Everyone showed up at the Crooked Lake House at 3PM, just prior to the onset of an orgy of picture-taking and various other last minute details.  The ceremony began at 5:30, and outside of a minor musical faux-pas (the wrong song played for the processional for about ten seconds), was uneventful as planned, and was by all accounts beautiful and mercifully short!  By 5:50 PM, we were husband and wife, and everyone left the ceremony to the strains of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (aka the song that accidentally started instead of Vivaldi at the beginning of the ceremony.  Talk about surprised guests!).

It was all easy-going from there, a blur of food, drink, music, dancing, more food, more drink, more music and dancing, etc.  The Doc Scanlon Trio rocked the house, mixed with pre-recorded “wedding style” music on the breaks.  Cake was cut (and nose-smeared despite a previous solemn oath to the contrary!  There WILL be retribution…), bouquets were thrown, and toasts were drunk (drank? drinked?).

The first dance received rave reviews:

  • “Best first dance tonight!” – Groom’s Drunk Work Friend
  • “Hey, you actually know how to dance!” – Bride’s Cousin
  • “That was just grea… Hey, where’s my scotch?” – Groom’s Father
  • “What the heck was that?” – Bride’s Other Cousin
  • “Best first dance ever!” – Numerous glorious, wonderful friends and family, all of whom we love very, very much…


Our friend Olivia actually managed to capture our first dance with the video feature on her camera.  Thank you Olivia!

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