Welcome to Victimhood!

So it turns out that you can have a great wedding, where all goes as planned, and all your contractors perform admirably, and still be taken to the cleaners!  While we were dancing and celebrating our first few hours as husband and wife, the gutter-slime of the world was making us their prey.

On Sunday afternoon, I got a call from a state trooper, informing me that a handful of the gift/card envelopes our guests had brought for our wedding had turned up in a local resident’s roadside mailbox.  Several still had checks in them, while the rest only had tattered cards.  We don’t have all the details yet, but it seems a pair of local heroin addicts stopped in while the lobby was empty, nabbed a handful of envelopes, and ran off with the proceeds, abandoning the non-convertible remains in some poor woman’s mailbox, where she found them in the morning.

There have been arrests, but the police are still looking for evidence to solidify the case, and are not optimistic we will get anything back, but we’re still keeping our hopes up.  On the bright side, our initial count shows that they couldn’t have grabbed more than ten, and we got four back, two with their contents intact, so at least they weren’t very good thieves!