We finally made it. A whole week in a tropic island paradise!

With the “Rabies Incident” all of 36 hours behind us, we caught a plane for Jamaica. Amazingly, our flight down was mostly uneventful, depositing us in the Montego Bay airport at about 10 PM. We were collected by an employee of the resort and asked to wait in a small lounge until all the other guests going to our resort has been located. Next came a 90 minute bus ride over questionable road surfaces, after which we spent a long time filling out forms to check in. A short, ten-minute hike later, we were in our room, and instantly collapsed.

We awoke to paradise. Literally.

Six days and five nights at Couples’ Sans Souci in Jamaica.


What a fantastic location. Only 200 rooms, so nothing was ever crowded, private beaches, oodles of entertainment and water-sports gear, and a wild butterfly migration that just happened to be passing through.