Website Woes

So what do you do when three out of 50 major website malware scanning services decide your website is “malicious” (despite it passing every scan you throw at it)? You spend hours sending them emails and researching their automated reanalysis tools.

Then, you discover that one of them, ‘CLEAN MX’ is a scam that randomly lists your site, and then won’t reassess it until you pay for and run their software, and that several of the other services, including the other two listing you, use their results.

Next, you discover that another, “Sophos”, is well known and ‘reliable’ (despite being wrong!), but will only reassess via a form that assures you they’ll have a look in a week or two, and sends you a threatening email response that if you keep bothering them instead of waiting for the tool, you’ll be put on their permanent blacklist.

You finally discover that the third, ‘Yandex’ has a whole page that describes how you can get your site reassessed, but it’s only available in Russian.

Why is nothing ever fucking easy?