False Alarm Number 4

Hospital RoomIn another exciting episode of “This Damned Baby Won’t Come Out”, we find our intrepid parents going as far as making a completely unnecessary early-morning trip to the hospital!

After an entire day of contractions, the midwife was called. She determined that since the last checkup had shown 4 centimeters dilation, if the contractions were regular and closer than 5 minutes, and were too painful to converse through, it was time to get to the hospital. By 11 PM, contractions were coming 3 minutes apart, and included loads of teeth-gritting and inchoate attempts at communication, so a decision was made. Off to the Burdett Care Center we went! By midnight, Mommy was being examined by a nurse, who said, “Oh, you’re only dilated one centimeter! We’ll keep you here an hour to make sure, but you’ll probably be going back home.”

Thanks, incompetent midwife, for wasting a huge chunk of our change, energy, emotions, and time!