First Family Trip!

With Mommy significantly recovered, and baby in need of supplies, we finally decided to make our first trip “out” together. Since it was so momentous, we decided to be ‘that family’, the one that every one looks aghast at, with the maximum possible gear and preparation. ‘What the hell,” we figured, “we’re going to Babysaurus,” (meaning Babies ‘R Us, for the uninitiated) “so it’s expected!”

No one was more shocked at the amount of preparations required than Dashiell:
Shocked Dashiell

Car-seat, check! Stroller with car-seat adapter, check! Diaper bag, check! Spare change of clothes, just in case, check! Phone numbers for emergencies, check! Dress the baby (oops) check! Wait, it took too long, now we need to feed the baby before we go… Baby fed, check! Oooh, remember the feeding coverup… Feeding coverup, check! Hand sanitizer, check! Did you ever walk the dogs? We have dogs? Walk the dogs, check! Wait, the baby’s diaper needs changing. Diaper changed, check! Have we eaten yet today? No time, we’ll have to eat out! Are we ready to take a baby to a restaurant yet? We’ll have to be ready! Loins girded, check!

It took over two hours, but we made it out for our twenty minute trip to the store. Afterward, we had a wonderful meal out, wherein the baby slept the entire time, because we won the lottery and got a car-soother! This kid falls asleep the instant his seat clicks into it’s base, and stays asleep a good hour after the ride is over. Giant sigh of relief…