First Family Trip! (and gratuitous pic post)

ButterflyBushYesterday was our first somewhat-long-duration trip as a family. We drove over the Berkshires to an old favorite haunt, the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, in Deerfield, MA. At two hours away, this seemed like the perfect test run for going back to living our normal lives with baby!

Since it was a short trip, we didn’t panic, and we didn’t rush, but with our newly-acquired parent-powers, we actually only left the house about a half-hour behind schedule. We patted ourselves on the back and moved out.

MomnDashDashiell was unimpressed with our plans, at first. He screamed for over an hour of the two-hour trip out, and would not be consoled, but a quick change of diaper and feeding on arrival cheered him right up, so off we wandered into the hothouse jungle that is Magic Wings.

MagicWingsNapI’m pretty sure the whole thing was infinitely more interesting to Mom and Dad than to the youngin’, but at least it was peaceful!

As an aside, we were happy to see the water dragons are thriving an MW. We lost Grendel years ago to the power outage during an ice-storm, but he was always our favorite lizard. We like to thing the enormous ones at MW are what he would have turned out like, if he had not been cut down in his youth…

As it turns out, someone was interesting, as well as interested:

All in all, not a bad first family trip!

2014-04-04FingersAlso, here’s a random photo that has nothing to do with this post of me showing my son how awkward it is when someone latches onto your finger with their mouth. I’m told it’s too cute not to share: