Don’t Rock The Dock

As the war in Gaza drags on, it’s become apparent from the thousands of aid trucks piled up at entry points waiting for a few a day to be let in that the reason millions of Gazans are starving is because the Israeli government wants it that way.

The Biden administration had two basic choices. Use its influence with the Netanyahu regime as Israel’s main weapons supplier to force the Israelis to allow more trucks in, or do nothing. However, instead of using their influence to support international law and potentially annoying the Israelis or doing nothing and making it obvious that they were supporting genocide, they came up with a third, inspired option.

That third option was to build a dock (calling it a pier, presumably to imply that it was more durable and stable than it could possibly be) in the Mediterranean with a narrow, floating causeway to the Gaza shore and insist that spending massive amounts of cash to deliver a decidedly small amount of relief would somehow be better than just letting the thousands of aid trucks already lined up actually deliver their aid.

Well, they did it. $320,000,000 later, they built their dock and rolled a few trucks’ worth of aid off it, right up until, after mere days in service, the dock was disintegrated by “rough seas” (Who could have expected waves in an ocean, of all places?!?!?), stranding workers in a war zone and resulting in three US casualties.

If protecting war criminals by spending a massive amount of cash to pretend to help the war-criminals’ victims could have a more obvious and expected result than complete catastrophe, I’m not aware of it.

Seems like an amazing metaphor for Biden’s reelection campaign…