Misconceptions About Atheists

There’s a meme going around that makes these points, but I feel like these misconceptions so many religionists have of atheists need a bit more eradicating than it provides:

  1. We don’t hate God. (Because it would have to exist for that to make sense.)
  2. We don’t worship Satan. (Because it would have to exist for that to make sense)
  3. We don’t lack morality. In fact, we get it from the same place everyone else does, our culture and upbringing.
  4. We don’t “really believe in God, but just don’t want to feel guilty for sinning”. If that was all we wanted, we’d just do what you do, and invent a new interpretation of your bronze-age book of myths that lets us do whatever we want. Then, not only would we not feel guilty, we’d feel smug and righteous, like you do!
  5. We don’t wish religionists harm, because you are humans.
  6. We don’t believe we came from nothing. There’s like, a whole lot of science around this. You should read some!
  7. We don’t eat babies. (Well, not unless they’re really tasty, of course! Seriously, are you joking with this bullshit?)
  8. We neither want nor need your prayers, but we appreciate well wishes, just like everyone else.