A Ray Of Hope For America?

It occurs to me that having the weakest Democratic candidate in decades and a felon-facing-jail-time Republican candidate might actually give us a shot at the best of all possible worlds!

Now, each of the 34 felonies Trump has been convicted of merits from 0 to 4 years of imprisonment, for a grand total potential jail time of 0 to 136 years behind bars. We know that the ruling class gets to play by a different set of rules, so all other considerations aside, Trump would probably get zero years of those 136, but there are political reasons why those bent rules might be a little bit straighter than usual in this case.

So let’s say Trump gets a five year sentence. And then he gets elected. As far as I can tell, serving prison time doesn’t get special treatment for being unable to show up at your job, so an imprisoned Trump won’t be able to actually “president” until after his term is completed.

Now, we’ve got a President who can’t serve, and a vice president (carefully selected by that president to be weak and ineffectual enough that he/she can’t stand against someone like Trump) serving as the acting president. Meanwhile, The Republican party has spent the last eight years tearing itself to shreds and becoming utterly incapable of achieving anything meaningful.

The weak incompetent, genocidal Democratic regime is gone, and an even weaker Republican regime is foundering in its place. The Republican regime will, as it did before, replace as many public servants as possible with incompetent lapdogs whose only goal will be to hang onto their scraps of influence long enough to land a cushy lobbyist job, rolling over for whoever currently looks like the biggest threat to that goal, be they Democrat or Republican.

There’s more than a good chance that the federal government, in this situation, will become completely bogged down and unable to actually do anything at all. Wouldn’t that be a joy? Four full years of the corporate tools of the left and right flailing around to no avail, and the American people getting a short reprieve from the depredations of the ruling elites!

Who knows, maybe it would be long enough for the people to actually wrest a modicum of control back from those who currently own this country…