To meat, or not to meat. This is going to come as a shock…

Good grief.

I’ve never been a giant meat eater. I need to have a few ounces with my primary meals to feel full and satisfied, but it’s not my big thing (Trust me, my waistline can tell you all about the carbs!). Not only that, I’ve never remotely been a fan of beef, preferring pork, chicken, or turkey, and I always felt good about that, because, of course, we all know that cows are a major factor in destroying our climate, right?

So when I recently discovered that due to a medical condition and my intolerance of the supplements that would treat it, I would likely have to start eating a lot more beef, I was more than a little perturbed. Being me, of course, this has resulted in a stupidly large amount of research, reading critical responses to that research, and an even larger amount of independent statistical re-analysis that completely changed my worldview on the topic of meat consumption.

You however, my friends, don’t have to do all of that. You can watch this one video (seriously, I wasted a lot of hours to reach the same conclusions) to discover that a) meat production in general is a trivial contributor to climate change, b) virtually every article, news story, and policy rant you’ve heard on this topic was either a carefully constructed intentional misinterpretation of the facts or blind regurgitation of other’s misinterpretations, and c) ruminant meat production (Cows, sheep, etc.) is actually the *least* problematic type of meat production!

This is one of those difficult moments when I am forced to change my opinions because new information emerged that completely debunks everything I thought I knew about a topic. If you know me, you’ll probably recognize how impactful that statement is, and I hope you’ll take that as a real motivator to watch this video, and then do some research of your own!