Guns and Racists

This is just a note to any “progressives” who say things to the effect of, “We’ll see how you feel about gun rights when black people have them!”

You already do see how I feel about gun-rights when black people have them. They already do have them. In surveys, nearly a quarter of black Americans report owning firearms. And that’s just the ones who are willing to say it openly (considering the way our legal system has historically treated black people, I’m shocked *any* of them are willing to admit it, even in private).

If I were a black person living in America, often forced to live in the most economically depressed (and often crime-ridden) areas by centuries of racist policies and hesitant to involve police in *any* incident for fear of being arrested or worse myself, I would be armed to the teeth AT ALL TIMES.

I would encourage any black person to arm themselves, train themselves, and then fight for our common right to bear arms.

But most importantly, I’m reminded of the progressives’ own logic about Trump supporters – If you are willing to encourage racism to get what you want, YOU are a racist, and you disgust me.