Baby’s First Chortle

laughterThe other night, my wife and I took our son to a roadside ice cream stand after dinner. While we sat there enjoying our sundaes and the balmy night air, Sabrina tried, once again, to play peek-a-boo with him. This time, he finally got it!

Dashiell’s been laughing for months. Make a funny face, and he gargles out an “Ah-Huh”. Yelp because he pinched you or punched you in the nose, and he does the same. If a woman happens to be nearby, and gives him some attention, he will coyly turn his head aside and utter a demure “ghghghgheeee-heh”. However, none of these are in any way prolonged. They are laughs, but not ‘laughter’, if you will.

Well, the other night, he discovered laughter! The first ‘peek-a-boo’ got the usual gargle. The second got two, and an almost concerned look. The third got a sustained series of staccato “hah” sounds, and by number five, he was belly-laughing uncontrollably!

In my entire life, I’ve never actually laughed and cried simultaneously before. I did that night!

A babys laughter